Communication between React Components and Redux Reducers

Communication Between Components


Redux Reducers

Documentation of generated Redux code for reducers.


The helloWorld/reducers/index.jsx example that results from running the generator with the Redux option may be slightly confusing because of its simplicity. For clarity, what follows is a more fleshed-out example of what a reducer might look like:

import usersReducer from './usersReducer';
import blogPostsReducer from './blogPostsReducer';
import commentsReducer from './commentsReducer';
// ...

import { $$initialState as $$usersState } from './usersReducer';
import { $$initialState as $$blogPostsState } from './blogPostsReducer';
import { $$initialState as $$commentsState } from './commentsReducer';
// ...

export default {
  $$usersStore: usersReducer,
  $$blogPostsStore: blogPostsReducer,
  $$commentsStore: commentsReducer,
  // ...

export const initialStates = {
  // ...

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